About Us – New Zealand

Nursing With A Difference Trust was registered in New Zealand on 30 June 2008. This followed numerous meetings with individual Nurse Administrators, telephone and small groups discussion with Nurses, Midwives and students, over a four year period to its inception and increasingly so to date for the purpose of ascertaining the

  • ‘The place if any for the Trust’
  • ‘The purpose of the Trust’
  • ‘The direction and activities of the Trust’

Outcome Nursing With A Difference Trust 
1. Is “Faith-Based”. NOT “Religion-based”
2. Links “One’s Faith in the Almighty Sovereign God, to the Reality of Nursing and Midwifery Service”

Rationale All Nurses & Midwives are authorized by the Government of the Nation through the Registering Body to ‘Practice their profession with integrity”. Each Nurse & Midwife is a “Masterpiece of God’s Creation’.
Each Nurse & Midwife needs “God’s Wisdom” to “Maximize the wisdom of the world”.
Overall God and the Government have entrusted Nurses & Midwives with the care of the peoples of the nation.
Therefore Nursing With A Difference is

1. Nurses and Midwives helping each other to be better equipped.

2. Nurses and Midwives singing with a difference

3. Nurses, Midwives and their families helping to build a healthy nation.


“Reaching Nurses & Midwives where each one is”,
“Touching the Heart and Challenging the Mind”.

“This helps each one explore the role of three aspects of life:

* First, the role of one’s own Spirit, which collectively becomes the “Spirit of Nursing and Midwifery”.
* Second, the role of one’s own Soul, which collectively becomes the “Soul of Nursing and Midwifery”.
* And Third, the role of one’s own body through which the “Soul and Spirit of Nursing and Midwifery” is practiced.

Range of Professional Input
All Nurses & Midwives were/are currently practicing in a local, regional or national capacity:
In Hospitals: Public or Private, Institutions e.g., Defense Services, Correction Unit Health Service, School Health Service, Medical Centers, or in the Community. 

As Administrators in Education or Service, or in a wide variety of clinical and teaching areas,

Geographical Representation:

Northland, Greater Auckland, Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, Tauranga, Wellington, Hutt Valley, and Canterbury.

Ethnicity Spectrum – New Zealand and Overseas trained
Purpose of Nursing With A Difference Trust Realized
To ascertain whether or not there was a role for Nursing With A Difference in New Zealand.

While concerns and suggestions from Administrators left us in no doubt, the input from as many Nurses and Midwives in different work situation was important before beginning to formulate plans or initiate programs

Every interaction, individual and collective, with Nurses, Midwives and Students revealed ‘gaps’. This confirmed that Nursing With A Difference was uniquely placed to contribute to the overall quality of Nursing and Midwifery Services in Aotearoa.

Demand and Direction

Interestingly both demand and direction came from all categories of Nurses, leaving no doubt as to the direction we were to take. This was cause for thanksgiving.

Clarification of Goals

Because Nursing With A Difference was being birthed in NZ, it was important not to undertake too much too quickly.

Equally important was the need to re-consider all the positive inputs and good outcomes that were already being achieved through the initiatives of Nurses & Midwives.

The critical input could then be seen for what it was ‘A cry from the heart of thinking caring Nurses & Midwives who were deeply distressed over some issues unresolved through formal education and policies and who desired the very best for every patient/client.’


“Without a vision, Nurses & Midwives perish”

World Mirror Reflections in Nursing & Midwifery in New Zealand

Instead of ‘Burnout’ being ‘burnt out’ it has magnified into ‘COMPASSION BURNOUT’.

‘DEPRESSION’ is now recognized as “The Global Crisis”.

“Professional research, education and knowledge have reached an all time high”.

“Conditions of employment and salaries have reached unprecedented levels”.

“Compassion Burnout has superseded the advances of Medical Technology”.

“Auditing, censoring, aggressions, addictions, the need for mentoring and litigation have become a way of life”.

“Fear silently grips and undergirds every aspect of service, spewing out its poison to destroy the ‘potential of the largest, most privileged group of health workers in every nation’.
Good News
Compassion Burnout can be overcome when the Source of true compassion is allowed to flow freely into and through the individual and out into the health service environment.

Frustration so easily leads into anger and aggression, vindictiveness or poor judgment that is constantly compounded, yet this can be ‘Nipped in the bud’.

Constant need for recognition and worth rings the bell for more dollars and cents further compounding the situation until the route cause for discontent is eradicated and effective control measures put in place.

Goal Development

The value structure undergirding and impregnating every goal determines the effectiveness of its application and outcome in the reality of all aspects offered Nurses & Midwives.

Values cannot be imposed, that is why God created man with the ability to think and to choose.

This truth has been accepted and rightly so as “My right”, “The Patient’s Rights”, and so on.

What has been rejected is God’s unconditional promise to supply our every need.

This has opened the door to every conceivable form of practice including the occult in the Health Services that ignore or actively seek to desecrate the Law of God written deep in the heart of man.

The outcome of this or similar decision-making is seen in ‘A blanket policy’, or in “Manipulation”, leading to ‘many doing his or her own thing’, or a combination of these two approaches that resembles a traumatized and therefore largely dysfunctional Octopus.

Goals in Situ

Nursing With A Difference offers through workshops, seminars and International Day/s of Prayer for Nurses & Midwives of all faiths and cultures, unique opportunities to come together:

1. To consider what God, whose love is as great as His power, has made available to each one to walk worthy of the profession into which He has called us.
2. With the freedom to come and go as other commitments permit, to share his or her concerns, to share together and to be encouraged.
3. To consider the options available and examine the relevance of Bible references applicable to each issue.
4. To experience the application of prayer in the reality of each issue raised,
5. To find as we sing together, values that inspire, encourage and edify.


Nursing With A Difference favors the personal approach and seeks in each form of advertising to make Nurses and Midwives feel welcome:
* Special invitations distributed personally.
* Emails – the list increase each year.
* Web Health – this has proven very encouraging.
* Community Notice Board on Radio Stations.
* Local and National newspapers that do a special focus.
* Notices in Libraries, Religious Organizations, Public Library Displays
* Large Bill Boards near the Venue.

Function Format

Seminars/workshops vary in length and content according to what is considered most appropriate in each district/situation:

Each Day of Prayer commences at 8.30 or 9.0am and concludes at 7.00pm
Refreshments are:
* Served as participants arrive as some travel for 2 or more hours to arrive on time e.g., Napier to Palmerstone North or Hamilton, Te Awamutu, North Shore to Pukekohe, from South to West Auckland.
* Available at all times so that those who arrive or leave during proceedings can benefit without hesitation.
* Morning and Afternoon tea and lunch breaks.
Nursing With A Difference acknowledges with respect and gratitude the many volunteers who have come forward with their particular skills and offerings.

The three examples given does in no way demean or negate the time and variety of skill input by the many other volunteers, including the husband/family members of Nurses who have given hours of computer skills, purchasing for value know-how, or other skills.

One, the Orchid Grower not only offered, but has given many large boxes of lovely orchids to distribute to each Nurse or Midwife attending programs. He and his family include Nurses and Midwives in their daily prayers.

While the orchids have been received with great joy, we know that God sees the heart and generosity of this volunteer; He hears and answers his prayers. The outpouring of blessing in each Nurse & Midwife’s life as a consequence will only be known in eternity. We rejoice and thank God for this volunteer, his staff and his family who behind the scenes bring beauty and hope, light and life, to the lives of Nurses & Midwives, many of whom are under great stress.

One retired widow uses her creative skills to make high quality made to order, Wheat Packs. Now that she has sold her commercial machine she continues to supply standard and sectioned Wheat Packs for many clients in a Women’s Correction Unit.

One gentleman with sound financial skills offered to be our finance advisor. What a blessing. To be secure in the knowledge that our financial management meets the requirements of Government means Nursing With A Difference can stand before God and man with clean hands, heart and mind.
Financial Accountability
Funds are generated through materials produced and sold:

Initially through sausage sizzles, market day stalls and Trade Me.

Currently we have an outstanding volunteer who makes high quality Heat Packs. Nurses have discovered that they are much appreciated by those in need of some healing comfort in Correction Units. Thus we have a Non-Nurse-Volunteer giving of her expertise and valuable time for a very small sum merely to cover the cost of materials, so that Nurses have the joy of bringing comfort to those who are suffering mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

While our price is much lower than the market rates income from sales helps Nursing With A Difference print resource material for distribution to Nurses, Midwives and Students in Training.

The Publisher initially gave us excellent value for a minimal cost has, over all these years not increased his charges, Amazing generosity in a profit-driven culture.

Donations have all come thus far from Nurses & Midwives, retired and in practice.
Cloud Management
Organizational transition combined with Internet vagaries that defy accountability gave cause for concern when the submitted Annual Return ‘got lost in orbit’. Fortunately Nursing With a Difference had received two emails of apology from the Ministry referring to unpaid fees for this Annual Return. While not qualifying for fees these verified our submission. Re-submission and acceptance of the report in due course proved the value of courtesy between all concerned thus avoiding disconnection.
Our reward
These are many e.g., on receiving Nursing With A Difference productions, a Second in Command for one District Health Board stated, “This is so important, Nurses and Midwives are beginning to ask these questions but we …”

Nurses in Training have asked for more sessions, saying they wished they had had the information we offered much earlier and could we commence with 1st year trainees.

Graduates after one year in full time service have requested more materials be prepared to help new graduates and were quick off the mark to give input they considered to be of value.

Some Nurses have reported taking resources we had given when they went for interviews.
Nursing With A Difference Trustees are not in a position to assess changes in behavior or attitudes in clinical situations, however, spontaneous feedback and requests provide substantial evidence that many, if not all who attended our programs continue to value and appreciate what the Trust does.

When a Nurse or Midwife requests more, an extension, or some different input, this is a clear indication that what he/she is receiving is of practical value in the reality of service.

The outcome will inevitably be variable! The true value of life cannot be measured.

When we come together in a world that mirrors conflict and confusion, stress and burnout in spite of labour saving devises and advanced medical technology, if one colleague is encouraged and strengthened, that is one less casualty either from attrition or suicide, and therefore, time, energy and financial input is irrelevant. More important is ‘What impact will that Nurse or Midwife now have in the clinical setting’?

Nurses & Midwives are not excluded from the estimated 350 million people world wide affected by Depression – the current Global Crisis.

NZ is one of the high-income countries that have a significantly higher number of people suffering from depression than many third world countries.

As one Chief Nursing Officer told Nursing With A Difference “I do not want sick Nurses and Midwives caring for sick patients”!

Nursing With A Difference has proven, in professional practice, that God in His mercy and goodness has provided a way to overcome and live victoriously with peace in one’s heart in the midst of the most difficult and even horrendous challenges.

Therefore, we have a professional responsibility to make available the truth of this benefit to our colleagues, to whom are entrusted the peoples of NZ requiring care within the health services.

Let us not forget that the Lord Jesus Christ came not only as a man but also as the Son of God who through His life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension is seated at the Right Hand of God making intercession for us as we pray for one another.

He is also our Great High Priest who can meet every spiritual need, our great Physician who can give each one insight, wisdom and understanding to better manage one’s own health, and to use advanced medical input for each patient with compassion and TLC.

He is also our Great Advocate whose wisdom we can seek when faced with the multitudinous ethical and medico-legal challenges in the increasingly complex and stressful daily activities.

One Nurse or Midwife saved from committing suicide,
One Nurse or Midwife better equipped to help clients in hospital or the community find meaning and hope in the midst of suffering,
One Nurse or Midwife who finds the strength and wisdom to be ‘true salt and light’ in ‘White Washed areas of the Health Services’, thereby effecting significant desirable change,
One Nurse or Midwife who, having first received the power of God’s love into his or her own life is encouraged to better manage her home, husband and family or his home, wife and family so that reconciliation and a strengthening of the family unit through love and wisdom becomes the norm.

We may not know who he or she is
But God does,
It is He and He alone
Who will bless and multiply those blessings
As He pours out His mercy and goodness on every Nurse & Midwife
And all those we care for and to whom we are responsible.
The Future
Nursing With A Difference will continue to seek God’s clear direction for Nurses and Midwives in New Zealand.

Our expectation is that in due course there will be one full day of prayer each month in a different district by Nurses & Midwives for Nurses, Midwives and their families.

This would mean 2 or more full days of prayer each month throughout NZ

We believe in God’s promises:

“If we pray believing in Jesus Name, He will hear and answer.”
Malachi chapter 5 and II Chronicles 7:14 make it clear:

“If My Nurses (people) who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. (Our profession, and the health and education systems of this world).”

Montage I & II
The following two montages give some indication of the resources produced by Nursing With A Difference as specifically requested by Nurses & Midwives for Nurses and Midwives in training, following graduation.