Module – AIDS

The Purpose of this Module, in addition to the facts and fear associated with AIDS, is to help Registered Nurses link knowledge gained since commencing Nursing, with a critical analysis of specific medical, paramedical and cultural values as well as with factors which influence the whole process of Nursing.

Core-Factors which inhibit, limit or promote the freedom of the Nurse to function effectively have been addressed.

The Vignette based on a common clinical situation examines the Mental, Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual factors involved in the provision of quality Nursing Care for Rajiv when his Laboratory Reports revealed the presence of AIDS.

It provides a sensitive and practical approach to overcoming a distressing Nursing situation.

Designed for easy reading by busy and often very tired Nurses, each Module is part of a composite whole addressing many issues which cause and compound stress in Nursing.

The value for every Registered Nurse goes beyond the actual topic.