Module – Burn

The purpose of this module is to help Registered Nurses address some of the many Nursing Issues. The sad reality of Burns, particularly the increasing incidence of immolation and self immolation affects every Nurse personally and professionally.

Competency 2.0 on Grief, Suffering and Hope can be readily transferred to many other nursing situations where the Nurse has to steel herself to cope with that which ‘makes the soul revolt’.

The issues and approaches addressed under Accountability will not only help Nurses prevent ‘Burn Out’ but will significantly enable her to experience a quality and depth of Job Satisfaction not otherwise possible.

This Module has been written prayerfully keeping in mind the grief and suffering witnessed in Nurses faced with the reality of consistently heavy and emotionally draining aspects of Nursing as well as the silent personal suffering of bereaved Nurses. Who Cares?

Designed for easy reading by busy and often tired Nurses each module forms part of a composite whole successively building on and expanding Nurses competence.