Module – CPR

The Purpose of this Module is to help Registered Nurses review their own as well as the ward and unit management of CPR = Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Airway Management.

Some of the many Nursing Issues that influence the competency of Nursing intervention in the management of critically ill Patients are identified.

The effectiveness of each Nurse’s Care Pattern is addressed in relation to how she uses her special gifts of Prayer, Verbal and Non Verbal Language, and her hands in the process of Caring and the Patients response.

The significant difference between care of the infant/child and an adult is clearly identified with the help of diagrams along with action-assessment-rationale.

Busy, often tired and not well themselves, Nurses want to be up to date and in control of each situation and yet lack the resources to do so.

This module, while complete in itself, forms part of a composite whole designed to encourage and help Nurses improve their own performance and to collaborate with and guide other Nursing colleagues to more effectively minister to the needs of each Patient through the many diverse and complex functions of Nursing.