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WHAT JOY TO RECEIVE the following response from Laura Elter in Germany which reflects ICN’s focus on “Nurses a Voice to Lead”, the key being recognition of the pressure that all categories of N&M are under, as they seek to achieve “Sustainable Developmental Goals“. In this age of rapid scientific and educational advances we are faced with increasing communication chaos that leaves people strained, drained and discouraged. IT TAKES COURAGE TO ENCOURAGE – Laura, by not letting language become a barrier, has taken “COURAGE IN HER HANDS“ to search, overcome, grow and share. It would be easy to sit back and say “Congratulations or well-done Laura“ but that would be an
ice-cream response.

How much greater the impact for nursing in each country if every reader shared even little from
his/her thoughts, experiences, needs or desires?

In other words this little letter could become the beginning of a forum that God could use to reach the most remote, struggling colleague/s as well as the many in all, even sophisticated institutions who have come to see caring as a mere job to be suffered through with inadequate remuneration. It is possible for us all to deny reality by walking through the various situations each day seeing each other as through a thick wall of glass that separates and divides. Such isolation too often leads to detachment, depression, mental ill health, burnout and suicide.

WILL YOU BE THE FIRST IN YOUR COUNTRY, to offer something from your own experience to Laura so that others be enriched, encouraged and grow?

JUST Look under PROGRAM heading, click on Comments and Responses send your response.

SHALOM LAURA and all Nurses in Germany

SHALOM to all who read this letter and search this site


Greetings from Germany to everyone. I would like to give you a quick insight on how I got to know NWAD and what it meant to me.

By now it´s already several months ago. After talking to a Christian friend of mine on serving our Lord Jesus I was amazed by the slogan “Privileged to Serve“. Rather than it is a Christian duty to serve, it is a privilege!

As I tried to take this message with me through my daily life I was looking for a symbol or an image, that I could put into a frame and nail it to a wall of my room. During that search over the internet I found out that this slogan is used by the US Army as well as by various Nursing Organizations and that made me really joyful. And that´s where I stumbled over NWAD.

First I saw the logo with the nightingale and then, scrolling through the pages of the website the organization really caught my interest. As my English is okay but not sufficient and the whole thing of a Trust for Nurses was so new to me I decided to contact the person in charge of the site. Sonia Kapoor reacted very soon and in a SKYPE session I could ask all of my questions as well as she showed huge interest in my person and Nursing career. It was only the first of various SKYPE or WhatsApp calls and the ideas I get by talking to Sonia are challenging and widening my horizon! I had never heard about Christian Nurses organizing themselves in a Trust or NGO or whatever, to encourage each other and to reach out to either their non-believing colleagues or even to nurses in various countries of this world going through difficult situations.

In Germany the work situation for nurses has become more and more difficult. On many hospital wards one nurse is in charge of up to 18 patients in one shift, there is a huge lack of nurses these years and the prognosis is that it will get worse with the demographic change.

As the circumstances change the atmosphere at work also changes. It´s getting rougher, colder, more functional and less patient-centered. There is a great need for encouragement as well as a great chance for Christian nurses to shine as lights in the dark and to spread hope by pointing to the real SOURCE of strength and joy and peace.

Until now I have not heard of a similar organization like NWAD that would be active here. As the German mentality, like every other country as well, differs from others it would surely not be easy to copy another idea. But NWAD really inspires me to go on searching for those nurses who do have this hope. Also it is my prayer that God would open our eyes for what should be done among Nurses in Germany.

Nurses A Voice to Lead Response  - 20.06.2017




Nurses Under Pressure

ICN President Judith Shamian and CEO Frances Hughes encourage nurses and midwives to ‘Celebrate our achievements, share our stories, and use our voice to lead’. This ‘Timely Comment’ offers us all the opportunity to ‘Stop, think and where necessary change direction’. However, I must say I found the request that nurses and midwives of all faiths begin to do this by personal soul-searching prayer was like a sheet of lightening. I was jolted to recognize as fact that we don’t usually think or talk about ‘prayer apart from religion’. We do emphasize the importance of spiritual care for patients but that is different. Here we are addressing injustices in the health services that affect us and patient/client care.

The statement that everyone has the freedom to talk with the Almighty Sovereign God – and accept HIS promise that IF we call HE will answer, leaves no room, excuse or reason for religious exclusiveness.

Two Questions immediately arose – How best can I talk to HIM, the Eternal Sovereign God who knows everything about me? Why do I need to pray? Sure, Nurses’ Week provides opportunity to open a new chapter in the history of nursing BUT is it dependent on the ‘IF? This IF refers to the first step, IF we unite to seek God’s clear direction to fulfill ‘His good pleasing and perfect Will’?

Fortunately I went to the section on Prayer on this same website where I gleaned some clues that led me to search the Bible on-line for references on courage and found in John 16:33 The LORD Jesus Christ said

“These things I have spoken to you, so that in ME you may have peace.

In the world you have tribulation,

but take courage. I have overcome the world.”

I searched again and found Yeshua HaMashiach means ‘The Annointed One’, the ‘Messiah’. These two factual statements brought a sense of awe that I had not experienced before.

My prayer wasn’t just groping in the dark to any god, fearful, because like the world, we seem to have lost our way. The LORD Christ is anointed to call us, hear us and answer us. This seems to have given me a different sense of hope.

My question now is, why, when so many N&M of all faiths pray, our situations don’t seem to change, let alone get any better?

The battles on so many fronts go on and on. One little ray of sunshine here and there, then down come the clouds that try us to the point of despair. I would like to join the courageous core of nurses and midwives involved in a continuous search for a win win situation. Please tell me how to do so. I do believe that compassion is our professional and moral obligation, but what about compassion burnout?

Now that I am learning to ask YHVH for courage and how to be the kind of nurse I really want to be in our present situation, perhaps the next step will help me. Please share your thoughts and findings for the next step.

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Common complaint we hear from Nurses and Midwives in and from many different countries.

“I am so busy, there is no time on duty and there is no time at home what with…”

Time versus Time consuming:

Monitoring of bleeping technology,
Staff shortages – Nurses, Midwives and other health care personnel,
High level of short-stay critical care clients – beds empty for barely 10mins before next person is admitted.
Worse still 2 or more patients per bed!
Assessment records – personal and client that can take up to or more than 2 hours of duty time daily!
Every month, if not every day, something more to ensure safety of the patient/client; to enhance the quality of care/life; to protect against litigation.
The list goes on and on and on…
The Outcome reveals a precarious time-scale – that tilts on a downward trend heading for disaster with Nurses, Midwives and health-care receivers entrapped in a ‘well-packaged hopeless situation’.

Nursing With A Difference addresses this challenge by choosing to initially deflect attention away from the pungent, unpleasant aroma of moans and groans to the largely unexplored reality of a more excellent way forward that enables Nurses & Midwives to

Find the blessings of consecrated time that has been proven to genuinely transform all categories of Nurses and Nursing situations in the health services.
Find the courage to prayerfully address this major issue of time-less-mess in Nursing and Midwifery.
Be encouraged, relieved and actually finding it possible to rejoice as he/she find they have the freedom to overcome some of the many seemingly insurmountable problems due to the “prevailing concept of shortage or lack or insufficent time’.

Basis for Nursing With A Difference decision and the outcome:

Time is a gift from God for us to use with discretion and wisdom.

He provides us with sufficient time each day to accomplish His purpose in Nursing and in our personal/family life. Facts not generally understood, therefore not practiced.

1. While there are different concepts of time, research has shown that the communication pattern of Professional Health Workers including Nurses and Midwives, reveals many gaps.
2. “We must distinguish between two general kinds of time which can be labeled for convenience “clock tme” and “lovers’ time”, formal time and filled time, regular and ripe time, treadmill and purposive time, cyclic and linear time, historic time and eternal (temporary plus infinite) time, the form of time and time informed. One goes round in circles getting nowhere, the other breaks out of orbit and takes off with purpose towards a goal.
3. If in Nursing and Midwifery we want to be “right on time” and “right on target” we have no option but to break out of the closed wheel cyclic treadmill and break out of orbit and take off with a purpose towards a goal.


Time is a gift

From the Creator of Time and Opportunity
Time is a precious commodity
Time can be measured, a time-scale
Time can be made, a time-table
Time can be set, a time-signal
Time can be used
Time can be abused
Time can be kept
Time can be passed
Time can be redeemed
Time is in your hands
Consecrated time is effective time
Time taken to think and order priorities, is not time wasted.

Have you ever thought that if all the time spent talking about the shortage of time were to be used productively
there would be no shortage of time.

Thoughtful caring Nurses and Midwives know that:

‘Skills once achieved
Can be quickly recalled
When posted out of one’s comfort zone in clinical or administrative areas.

The same applies to aquiring the skill of consecrated time.

Because Time is a gift from God, in the narrow sense of the word we can say that ‘consecrated time’ is the time we dedicate for God’s service.

However, if we look more carefully at the ‘Source of Time’ and His purpose in giving human beings time, we are both enlightened and encouraged:

1. “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for there is no work, or device, or knowledge, or wisdom in the grave where you are going.” Ecclesiastes 9:10 “And what sosoever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Colisians 3:17. May we do all to the glory of God.
2. The balance of the power of time is then held in the hand of God as we fulfill our various duties in the many different facets of home-professional and community life FOR
‘Do not forget this one thing, that with the LORD one day Day with the LORD is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day’. 2 Peter 3:8. Our privilige and joy in all we do will bring glory to God.
3. We can draw on His wisdom to ‘stay time’ to enable us to achieve what is required in the best possible way and in the time available.
4. We can rest deeply in Him as we work or sleep knowing that our inner time schedule is known to Him and His promise is sure He will not let our faces be ashamed. Philippians 1:20
5. But, we have the choice – When we choose to consecrate our gift of time to the Creator of Time and Eternity, experience has proven that the mighty hand of God is not shortened, or, that He will not save us and protect us or His children for whom we are resposible, provided we are acting with integrity and constantly defveloping and refining our personal and professional skills.
6. The Alternative, also our choice, is to say with resignation ‘O dear it is all His will there is nothing I can do.’ This denial of responsibility, is cowadice with laziness that breeds powerlessness and unproductive business. No fruits of joy, peace, or in job satisfaction.

As we consider the depth of meaning of consecration that can be expressed in so many ways, it is a wonder that Nurses and Midwives have not chosen to emphasize the practical benefits as an integral part of both learning and practice from day1 on entering Schools and Colleges of Nursing/Midwifery:

When we Consecrate our time and our talents to God they are sanctified or made holy.

Consecration is also an act of dedication on our part.

Consecration of time and talents means that we expect God to bless these attributes and enable us to use them to be a genuine blessing to all.

Consecration means our time and talents are hallowed i.e., made holy by the Lord Jesus Christ and therefore acceptable to a Holy God. Hallowing is an act of our will and mind that brings forth the fruits of patience, perseverance, quietness, confidence, peace and joy in the midst of business, pain and suffering. We are stretched but not broken, burned out or made impotent.

Nurses and Midwives who develop this skill do not need to demand respect. Each is respected even when critisized for deep down his/her integrity is a recognized given – an integral part of his/her life.

Critisism is taken, examined before the Creator of time and talents and used with grace for good be it justified or unjustified.


Time is a gift from God
It’s importance is indicated
The shortness of life
Making the most of it
Identifying it’s purpose
Recognizing it’s uncertainty
Finding God’s plan in it
Everything there is a time
And there is Time to achieve it.

SHALOM is its greatest Blessing.

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Dinner was over; discussion had focused on adaptation to the challenges in clinical situations. It was time to go.

About to leave, ‘C’ vacillated before commenting

“I hesitate to say this… but it concerns me that so many who graduated with me a year ago are so unhappy in Nursing. The reasons given are that after all our training and preparation the amount of work and long hours, all the paper work, no time to spend with patients plus a very low salary”… ‘C’ went on“I do not feel these are the real reasons for so much unhappiness…but what is?”

‘C’ was right, the reasons Nurses and Midwives verbalize as causes for unhappiness all tend to overlook the ‘root cause’ of unhappiness in every generation that limits the development of one’s potential and one’s effectiveness.

Is there any country where Nurses are not unhappy? And the answer is sadly a resounding NO that reverberates all around the world.

Unhappiness echoes sadness, sorrow, grief, misery, discontent, despondency, gloom, melancholy, depression and despair, all being the complete opposite to happiness which seems to become more elusive the more one achieves in life.

Delusion is the tool the Devil uses to deceive to the extent that Nurses and Midwives who are unhappy are even able to deceive themselves into believing that their unhappiness is actually imposed by circumstances or people, often designated as ‘The great god They’.

This little song based on Isaiah 5:7; Isaiah 42; and Psalm 47; was written by a woman who knew the source of happiness and knew well how we all might receive it.


“O people of praise, My garden of delight,
I planted you with joy; you’re precious in My sight.
Receive My Living Water; be rooted in My Love,
Then fruitfulness and fragrance will point to God above.”

Receiving Living Water, and rooted in Your Love,
We long to share Your fragrance and point to God above.

You trust in My mercy, you are My delight,
You hope in Me alone, you’re precious in My sight.
Receive the Spirit’s new wine; refreshing from My hand,
Then fruitfulness and fragrance will change the barren land.

Receiving oil and new wine, refreshing from Your hand,
We long to share Your fruitfulness and change the barren land.

O Jesus, God’s Chosen One, in Whom He delights,
We Hail Your redeeming love, so precious in our sight.
O Love that waters cannot quench, to our heart’s desert bring,
Your fruitfulness and fragrance Your never failing spring.

O Love that waters cannot quench, to our heart’s desert bring,
Your fruitfulness and fragrance, Your never-ending spring

When each Nurse and Midwife knows the very root of his or her existence and purpose in this world, it is amazing how the challenges of the day become ‘just that,a challenge, and nothing more’.

The ‘Root’ is the key to the ‘fragrance and fruitfulness’of his or her life, and this key is available to everyone.

It is time Nurses and Midwives took stock and thought more seriously how we all may receive and relate these three essential ingredients, root, fruitfulness and fragrance into every aspect of our personal life and collective professional life.

A sense of inadequacy, inferiority, not being able to meet the requirements, or whatever, assume a more wholesome perspective as each Nurse or Midwife learns to draw more deeply on the resources of redeeming love that stems from the Root.

“Happiness happens but joy abides in the heart that is stayed on Jesus.”

Happiness may be described in two ways

Is derived from
is of this world
Fear of God and not of man
Psalm 128:1-2
Is Short lived
Job 20:5
Trust in God
Proverbs 16:20
Luke 12:20
Obedience to God
John 13:15-17
Ecclesiastes 2:1-2
Wisdom’s ways
Proverbs 3:13-18
Limited to this life
Luke 16:24-25
Under God’s judgment
Job 15:20-21; Psalm 73:12, 18-20
Examples of True Happiness: Happiness Derived from:
Deuteronomy 33:29
Job 21:7; Psalm 37:35
Luke 1:46-55
Psalm 17:14; Psalm 37:7
Acts 26:2
Isaiah 22:13
Proverbs 15:21
Isaiah 51:11
Isaiah 56:7
Mathew 13:20
Acts 8:8
Philippians 1:25
Psalm 113:9
1 John 1:4
2 Corinthians 7:4-7
Isaiah 52:9
2 Corinthians 8:2
2 Corinthians 8:2
Mathew 25:21-23
1 Peter 1:8


1 Samuel 18:6
Christ’s Birth
Luke 2 : 10-11
Christ’s Resurrection
Mathew 28 : 7-8
Sinner’s Repentance
Luke 51:5-10
Miracles and Gentiles
Acts 8 : 7-8
Psalm 51 : 8, 12
God’s Word
Jeremiah 15:16
Spiritual Discovery
Mathew 13 : 44
Names Written in Heaven
Luke 10 : 17, 20
True Faith
1 Peter 1 : 8


Isaiah 51 : 3,11
John 8:56

Psalm 51 : 8

Recovery of a son
Luke 15 : 32

Restoration of Hope
John 20 : 20

Temporal Blessings
Acts 14 : 17

Christ’s Coming
1 Peter 4 : 13

Because the very nature of ‘CARING’ Nurses and Midwives are confronted with tears, sorrow, mourning, pain, loss, adversity and persecution in contrast to happiness, joy and gladness.

For each one’s own mental and physical health plus that of the Health Services as a whole, it is imperative that we consider together the importance of not just knowing about, but being able to enter into the triune experience of gladness, joy and happiness that stems from quiet, confident assurance in our root and in our purpose and desire being fulfilled in


“O people of praise, My garden of delight,
I planted you with joy, you’re precious in My sight.

Receiving Living Water, and rooted in Your Love,
We long to share Your fragrance and point to God above.

Receiving oil and new wine, refreshing from Your hand,
We long to share Your fruitfulness and change the barren land.

O Love that waters cannot quench, to our heart’s desert bring,
Your fruitfulness and fragrance, Your never ending spring”.

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The following response to a casual but all too common question coming from a Malaysian Nurse, is a timely encouragement to Nurses around the world who are experiencing the harsh reality of low morale, high attrition and increasing workloads and long hours made worse by the horrendous shortage of Nurses.

Nursing has Values

Very often in our casual conversation we are asked the question, “What do you do?” I once caught myself answering, “I’m just a nurse”. Immediately I felt within me a self-rebuke which resented this devaluation and prompted an immediate amendment to answer, “I’m a nurse”.

Dear nurses, please do a re-evaluation if you think you’re ‘just a nurse’. Do you know, in 2004 for the 5th time in 6 years, nurses came first in the Gallup survey of the most trusted professions? (“Nurses are Most Trusted –Again” Nursing 2005, 35, No.3). We are rated higher than teachers, doctors, clergy and judges! Despite the many misrepresentations and sometimes rather stereotyped portrayals of our profession in the mass media, the public still finds us trustworthy!

Is it because they feel nursing is a noble profession and that nurses still make sacrifices? For example, in this current crisis of the Influenza H1N1 pandemic – aren’t nurses subjecting themselves to potential risks? Maybe it is because they feel that nurses are in this field, not for the money? Or perhaps people have found their needs met by nurses in ways they hadn’t imagined?

Whatever the reason, it’s heart-warming to know we are being trusted. Knowing that patients trust what we do for them helps in our delivery of care. May we be worthy of this trust and maintain our rating in the eyes of our clients.

Sometimes we may think doctors are more valuable than us. To put it simply, at the risk of oversimplifying, maybe it’s because doctors order and we carry out the orders. Let’s refuse to let this put our profession in a lower status. It is but a difference in our roles. Our voice, our actions and our role are vital to the holistic care of the patient. If we are all doctors or if we leave what we can offer as nurses, what will become of our patients? All will be losers.

What is of greater value is how God views us. God looks at things differently. Human status and position is not important in God’s sight. What matters to God is doing well in whatever we have been asked to do.

“Walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you were called.
And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not to men.
Knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward.”
(Colossians 3:23,24)

Nurses are special. What we do in our daily work is significant and has lasting impact on the well-being of our patients. As Christian nurses how God sees us is of utmost importance – nothing else matters.

“Let every detail in your lives
– words, actions whatever –
Be done in the name of the Master, Jesus,
Thanking God the Father every step of the way.”
( Colossians 3:17)

Lee Yin Ling

(Contact through the Malaysian Nurses Christian Fellowship, 9, Jalan SSI/1B, Kampung Tunka, 47300 Petaling Jaya. Telephone 012-2876121)

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The Reality of Fear

This comment comes from a nurse of Jewish Gentile heritage, who grew up in the Netherlands during the 2 nd world war and German occupation. Married a South African and nursed in South Africa. Migrated to England due to the horrors of apartheid in preference to going to bed with a gun. Later migrated to New Zealand, and was actively involved in the care of intellectually handicapped people.

In addition, this nurse encountered different frustrations and fears when her husband, a gifted teacher became a progressive alcoholic until his death, their eldest daughter entered a same sex relationship and their only son was diagnosed as borderline IHC.

 Fear stays with you even after the cause of fear has gone.

Fear is a very unpleasant feeling. It is a safety valve to keep you away from things that might hurt you.

Fear is the realization that there is no way out.

You are banging your head against a brick wall and you have to live in this dead-end situation for ever.

Fear gets hold of you and it brings doubt to the extent that you question the very existence of God – Where is God when you need Him most?

NWAD Response

This expressive comment, while the reaction of one nurse, cannot be viewed as peculiar to her. Rather it spells out a little of the reality of the many fears expressed by nurses over time and in differing situations.

Nursing With A Difference is therefore constrained to respond to what we know to be a major factor in nurse’s lives. A factor that has caused us much concern having too often witnessed the grief of fear that so many nurses are experiencing.

This little acrostic, discovered when catching up on some of the heart rending devastation in the Middle East and many other countries around the world, is a timely reminder for Nurses seeking to bring comfort, strength and healing to those caught in the soul destroying web of fear and are in need.

Midst the ‘seething caldrons of anguish in the sensitive hot spots of the world’, Nurses need fresh courage and renewed energies to fight on with an unfailing wisdom until a better quality life for Nurses and patients is achieved. With danger and death having become such a constant painful fact of life, it is understandable that the fear of death all too often keeps Nurses from being bold in relation to specific nursing issues. This is neither apathy nor mindless resignation to what is.

“False evidence appearing real”
F alse

E vidence

A ppearing

R eal

Fear is a very natural response when bombs and missiles are exploding all around you and when Nurses are fearful and frazzled, is it any wonder that the patient and his relatives are seriously affected?

There are however, many other causes of fear in Nursing which adversely affect the health, wealth and happiness of Nurses, as is evident in the high attrition rate and significantly large older age group of registered nurses in most, if not all countries.

The ‘G’ and ‘Y’ factors can be linked and discussed with psycho-socio-legal and other factors ad nauseam, but the root cause of fear remains a reality that each Nurse must address and resolve to his or her own satisfaction.

There are only two real options, either to ‘grow in nursing’ or ‘quit nursing on some justifiable pretext’, for those who neither leave nor grow become as the walking dead. Statistics suggest that the balance is tipped in favour of quitting.

This is where the Flower of Assurance comes in.

Real Assurance is a direct result of such a strong faith in God that nurses consciously “Trust God with all their heart, and do not lean on their own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5
This assurance is more than the insurance offered by the best this world can offer.
This assurance is more than religion, education or politics can provide.
This assurance is not sentimental pie in the sky flowery rhetoric

This Flower of Assurance is an undeniable reality-based-fact.

Real assurance is the fruit of knowing that God will
Give us strength to equal each specific need. “As your days, so shall your strength be.” Deuteronomy 33:25. = The fragrance of triumph over adversity

It comes, after being utterly exhausted and tempted to give up, strength is renewed.

Blot out and completely remove all our sins, if we trust Him and obey His word.

= The fragrance of tranquility and peace in our heart.

Everybody wants peace, but not everyone knows how to find it. The only practical, never fail solution is to get forgiveness from the only One who has promised

“For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more.” Hebrews 8:12.

Real assurance (continued) is the fruit of knowing that God will
Hear our prayers and therefore our faith motivates us to pray and to ask God to help us pray aright with wisdom, insight and a higher perspective than is ours by nature.= The fragrance of confidence in unfailing divine help and intervention.

A mystery but a fact.

Dispel all fear as we ask Him to strengthen our faith in Him we are freed from the fear of man. We are fortified against innumerable possible and unknown eventualities in life. When they come He gives us strength and wisdom to meet them.

= the fragrance of courage through trust in God, in ourselves and in each other .

‘Not by might and not by power, but by My spirit says the LORD’ .

Provide Almighty power and loving kindness in wisdom and knowledgeto face with assurance the challenges of life, the deep burdens, griefs and uncertainties in life, the physical, mental and emotional traumas in life and death itself.= The fragrance of strength that sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible.

True strength is found in the quietness and confidence He provides to stand still and move on.

Forgive and free each one from the power of sin and of fear. By consciously putting your hand in His strong right hand every nurse can enter and not just echo the words:

The Land of Beginning Again

This land is reality

And by the grace of God

it is ours for ever.

I wish there were some wonderful place
Called the land of beginning again,
Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches,
And all our selfish grief,
Could be dropped like a shabby coat at the door
And never be put on again.

May no nurse, for any reason delay entering in and taking hold of that which will:

Transform his or her ability to better manage the fear-pain-fear-anger-fear syndrome.

Generate a three fold faith that dries the tears of sorrow, heals hearts of mourning, lifts the hands that hang down and strengthens the feet that falter.

Strengthen faith and confidence by giving time, labor and tears to strengthen others.

This Flower of Assurance can be guaranteed to get at the root causes of fear in Nursing.

The fragrance of this flower of assurance is found in the abundance of quality blossoms, some ever so tiny, but all powerful in preventing, managing and overcoming fear from every conceivable source.

The source of this fragrant flower of assurance comes from none other than the God of mercy and peace and Christ Jesus our LORD who has “not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Therefore nurses can come unashamedly, without hesitation to this fountain head and receive all that is needed to bring, with the beauty and strength of true fragrance, a fresh heart and spirit into Nursing in each nation

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An Open Letter to All Nurses from a Nurse

From the Suffocation in life,
I was losing my life.
My own people left me
No body was mine or with me,
I drank the bitter tears of mine alone
At the time of walking,
At the time of stopping,
Tiredly- I went to the last destiny of my life
Nobody was there
To ask for me, or from me,
Only- I was like a living, and waking dead body.
Well, after walking alone I came to know,
That there is someone who is a true lover of mine
My own Shepherd Jesus Christ.
Who is with me to the end of death.
After death also He will be there with me.
Now where to go!
I will now take rest.

Tshering Yangzum Bhutia

To all Nursing Students, Staffs, Nurse Tutor friends, Nursing Administrators in hospitals and in the community…

Today, I Mrs. Tshering Yangzum Bhutia, retired nursing tutor would like to share something about my past experience of life which (I hope) may help you to have a totally different view upon your domestic and professional problems which always lead us to dark sad end called DEPRESSION.

My story goes like this……..

My childhood:

The emotional turmoil’s started in my early childhood when I realized that I was a rejected (bastard) child looked down upon by society, family and friends, so, an inferiority complex was dominating my whole personality from the beginning

All of my dreams and ambitions shattered due to lack of financial support. Somehow I managed to pass higher secondary from a Scottish Mission School and I took refuge in my grandparents house.

In 1979 I finished GNM course from Safdarjung hospital after much struggling for 3 ½ years because I found myself acquiring three kinds of diseases, Typhoid, Malaria and TB intestines. But I came back and served in a Government hospital.

My married life:

Next episode of trouble started almost immediately after my marriage due to…alcoholism at home, constant interference from in laws and the negative effects on my nursing profession. Physical and mental turmoil’s started to take toll on my health after having three children. Several times I decided to leave my job.

I had struggled 14 long years to get a single promotion as a nursing tutor.

Suddenly the following events took place in my life:
The sudden death of my grandfather who alone seemed to understand my problems.
My Job: I was loaded with other diseases like hydronephrosis, kidney stones, lastly a rare disease called otospongiosis. I leaned on religions, rituals like pilgrimages to seek solace and peace but in vain. So I was compelled to take voluntary retirement after prolonged treatment; that was the saddest part of my life.
My Children Then the problems started from my children’s side:

Physical assault on my son at school, suddenly I was shocked to find my daughter getting involved with a boy who left her in a miserable condition.

My Relatives In dire need I was totally abandoned by my relatives, which was a big shock to me.
Sudden death of my brother in law’s daughter on the same night of my daughter’s re-marriage. Single handed management of marriage and social defamation led me to more depression.
Early divorce of my daughter forced me to look after the rejected baby, my grandson.
I was hospitalized for a long time with 2 nd degree sprains to both my ankles. I lost hope completely. I tried to end my life, several times I tried to leave the house.
My husband took shelter in alcohol, leading to daily quarrels at home, fear, anger and frustration dominated my life.
I started to spend my time in pujas and temples entirely depending on religions.

So, early one morning as usual I was going to my Puja room, a voice told me to open the window and shout that the word is full of sin …reluctantly I started to shout, my husband thought that I was mentally off. Most of my in laws and relatives arrived and summoned priest Lamas, Tantrics and performed Pujas but all in vain. The psychiatrist was called, but more confusion and frustration led me into a worse condition. PEACE VANISHED FROM MY LIFE.

During this time I had a vision of a person praying with bowed head, he told me to keep quiet and not to be afraid. He called me by my name. At the same time two Christian ladies came to our house and prayed for me. After long suffering and without food, I slept peacefully and started to talk normally from that day onwards.

After prayer both my legs got healed. Hence I accepted the Lord Jesus as my savior and got baptized in 2004.

Summary——according to John Chapter 10:10

The Devil stole my job, health, peace, property, self-confidence and marriage happiness.

I used to read and watch lots of horror books
and movies, (pornography)
Brought only frustration, illness and fear,

Leading to spiritual death

Used to take a lot of alcohol and tobacco Brought destruction to health

John 10;10

“The THIEF Does Not Come Except To Steal, and to Kill, and to Destroy.

I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.”

So, friends in white when there is still time, remember the Florence Nightingale pledge, repent and turn around and a meaningful and abundant life as Jesus our Lord has showered on me and my family.

According to John 14:27

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you, not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

So, my friends I got all the answers regarding my problems because Jesus says:

“I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me.” John 14:6

P.S. I was a lost sheep. So Jesus says in

John 10:11 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep.”

John 10:14 “I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own.”

Mrs. Tshering Yangzum Bhutia

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Comment by Ms. T.A. Master in Nursing, Faculty member of a well reputed College of Nursing.

“The website content is commendable from the point of view of Spiritual approach for nurses who are facing different personal/professional problems as it provides a psychological base on which to build their tolerance. However, I personally feel that such an approach is not satisfying in a realistic sense as concrete interventions only can solve their problems. The need is to have a team approach, train and involve them in the problem solving process.”

NWAD Response

This thoughtful comment is appreciated and warrants an equally thoughtful response:

In every School or College of Nursing every Nurse is challenged by the expected outcome by the time she/he qualifies to be competent to demonstrate in the practice of Nursing the following attributes:

  • The ‘Nurse must give physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care’;
  • The Nurse must understand the ‘Fear, pain, tension syndrome’ that may limit the above;
  • All these attributes of care must be given ‘unconditionally to all clients/patients/people’.
  • As the patient/client advocate the Nurses must also be able to reconcile and arbitrate effectively irrespective of oppressive regimes that generate oppression from within and from without.

Following graduation there is ample evidence of a significantly large disconnect between the above commendable and realistic expectation of these requirements and the deeds that show the practical application thereof.

Through close interacting with thousands of Nurses in their respective institutions in many States, coupled with the personal observation of the shocking conditions in which Nurses work and the way they adapt to those conditions, the world wide concern with the shortage of Nurses, lack of job satisfaction, the increasing age of Nurses coupled with the decreasing motivation of young people to enter Nursing and the staggering number of Nurses in Nursing purely for economic reasons, Nursing With A Difference has been challenged to use the problem solving process in searching below the surface of education to the cause.

It has become very clear that the increasingly higher standard of Nursing Education is not; as we had hoped and worked for, the whole answer to help Nurses effectively provide Nursing Service in the 21 st Century.

Blaming the ‘Government’ and ‘Those in Authority’ is a popular means of denial ending in legalism that is strongly linked to abdication of responsibility, professional displacement and emptiness and the multifaceted mountain that ‘Disconnects’ Nurses from Nursing.

Nurses around the world acknowledge the need “To be lifted up”, and over the years Nurses have and continue to work hard to “Lift themselves up”. Yet the worldwide alarmingly low and increasingly lower Nurse-patient-client staffing ratio, along with an accepted and respected Nursing presence speaks volumes.

With Higher education not achieving what it was expected, and aught to achieve, even with the team approach and the problem-solving-process, neither of which are new concepts, along with the many psychological perspectives used over the past five decades not providing the ‘missing link, is it not time to re-evaluate and relate points 1-4 to Nurses?

A re-look at what and how we are doing in Nursing is imperative if the current cycle is to be effectively broken, therefore, we would request Nurses to critically re-examine the content of each web page:

While there is a marked discrepancy between Spiritual and Psychological’ there is also a strong tendency in Nursing today to sacrifice the ‘Essence for the Illusion’ and in the process to become ‘Spiritually blind.’

Nursing With A Difference acknowledges that most if not all Nurses are deeply religious. At the same time thousands of Nurses acknowledge that Religion has not helped.

This then is sufficient reason to look at the personal relationship of each Nurse to her Creator, from whom alone comes the power of grace in integrity, and love in service to overcome the horrors and nightmare of Nursing Service.

While all religions advocate ‘Searching for light and working” it is Jesus Christ who said

This in no way suggests that Nurses sit back in an armchair or using a very common expression with hands directed upward sigh and state:

“Do not worry, all is well, it is His Will”

Is it the Will of a Holy God that all the beauty and energy of Nurses should result in more and more suffering for themselves and for patients/clients?

To acknowledge the Will of God requires that we have a personal relationship with Him whereby we can individually and collectively ask for and receive understanding of His Will in every situation.

Thus the means of truth leading to victory must arise from the starting point of obedience to know the person of God who gives the knowledge, wisdom and power to fulfill His will which is unconditional and impartial for all.

The means follows, which is obedience in putting into practice, in the midst of even the most distressing situations, those attributes that transform an unhealthy situation into a viable, vital, vibrant and healthy one

The dynamics involved is not mere psychology it is the life giving and life transforming power that the LORD Jesus Christ said we would receive when the Helper the Holy Spirit came.

This is not mumbo jumbo psychical, immaterial, pious spiritualism, it is not signs and wonders, it is not airy fairy pie in the sky:

It is in Reality

The resurrection power of a Living Christ working in us and through us, in the daily challenges of everyday life, helping us bring order and meaning out of injustice and chaos.

Every Nurse has the freedom to choose to receive, act and receive again.