International Nurse’s Week May 2007

The focus of this presentation arose from an expressed need by some Nurses in New Zealand. During the presentation and discussions, other Nurses expressed concern at current gaps in Nursing Education in New Zealand in what is otherwise considered a very good professional preparation. Appreciation was linked with the expressed need of an ongoing contribution in order to more effectively address the major Nursing Issues that currently limit ‘Positive Practice Environments’ in Nursing.

Integral to good quality progression in Nursing is the collaboration between Nurses in as many different settings as possible. Nursing With A Difference appreciated this first opportunity to discuss and collaborate with the New Zealand Nurses Organization and with the Franklin Branch. The Town Hall Concert Chamber proved an ideal venue and although late scheduling limited the numbers attending, interest was such that the venue has already been booked for 2008.

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1. Celebrating Positive Practice Environments, past,present and with prospects for the future.
2. An historical perspective of celebration and with implications and relevance to Nursing today.
3. Litigation and Nursing
4. Nurse’s, Mother’s Day, and families
5. Think about this one! Nurse what would be your response?
6. Singspiration included a Nurse accompanying her own compositions with piano and guitar.


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