Modules – Shock

The Patient in shock is a challenge to every Nurse’s management ability, compassion and integrity. Nursing the Patient in Shock from what-so-ever cause requires alertness, perception, energy, and resourcefulness if the life, literally in her hands, is to be revived or helped to a peaceful death.

The purpose of this Module is to address some of the many issues associated with the specific forms of shock in a way that helps the reader build on her present Nursing knowledge and use critical judgment to examine WHAT IS in her present Nursing situation.

‘A Cameo of Shock’ faces the reality of a situation along with the many issues involved in the General and Medico Legal Aspects of the Nursing Management of ‘Little Girl’.

‘Nuggets of Gold’ identify valuable resources which ought to be easily accessible to every Nurse to inspire and give a sound basis for Nursing Care and Management.

This Module adds a significant dimension to the composite whole of the series.

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