Modules – Technology

The purpose of this module is to examine the criteria that determines what a particular person does? Why he performs specific acts? The specific interaction between who does what, why and how, WITHIN or BETWEEN a classified group? in the management of Patients requiring critical care.

The reality of HOW the work system influences the management of simple and complex technology used in the process of Nursing is exposed.

Specific factors in the use and abuse of technology in Nursing have been challenged with clear statements of facts and reasons that will enable every thinking Nurse overcome the present dilemma they face with every piece of technology.

The unique contribution of Nursing is examined and Nurses encouraged not to give up but to ‘Stretch’ and let ‘Wisdom unfold’, and through the painful yet joyous process of learning enjoy the Freedom of a Convinced Mind.

The culmination of Nursing input of this Module with the preceding five makes possible changes that will significantly reduce stress, raise the standard and quality of Nursing Services and raise Nurse’s morale.

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