Modules – Trauma

The purpose of this module is to help Nurses differentiate between the Critically Ill Patient and the patient requiring Critical Care, through the simple collection and analysis of Admission Data.

The Clinical Presentation of’ ‘X’ provides the basis for examining common factors in Trauma Nursing. The reasons for breakdowns with their unintended consequences, and ways of overcoming some of the distressing problems Nursing Service Management and Administration confront as a result of these breakdowns.

Competency in the practice of Nursing involves Moral issues, Nursing knowledge and Nurse Performance Evaluation.

In ‘speaking the truth with love’ the writer has identified strengths and weakness and presented options for a ‘more excellent way’ of managing each common yet challenging situation.

This Module adds to the insights and skills gained from using and developing the skills presented in the previous Modules to bring about significant changes in much of present day practice in Nursing.

The very real factors of frustrations that inhibit Nurses from reading about what is recognized as ‘common in Nursing’ can be overcome by the reader being able to take a segment at a time and apply that which is missing in her particular situation. Thus adding to the composite value of this series of Modules.

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