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Nursing With A Difference (NWAD) has a commitment to qualified Nurses whose expressed needs we seek to meet with a variety of meaningful and useful productions.

Initially our expectation was the sale of 10,000 sets of Modules within three months to generate sufficient funds to move forward with the Video-films.

Having distributed a minimal number of complementary sets we responded with joy to the Trained Nurse’s Association of India (TNAI) invitation to make our first sales at the next National workshop.

The first Nurse to purchase sold 25 sets at the all India CMAI Nurse’s conference in another State within one month. The next four sets were purchased by Nurses from Government Hospitals in Bhutan.

Our hearts filled with joy with as we echoed the words of Nehemiah… “The gracious hand of our God was upon us”. The blessings of that morning have helped us face the very real challenge of the then Secretary General, Miss. Jaiwante P. Daulta’s comment from her vast experience with TNAI publications, “It is going to be an uphill task that will only be overcome by a personal approach”.

We worked hard selling modules and preparing the first Video Cassette on Muscular Dystrophy in both English and Hindi. The trials were many. The outcome is one more educational aid of quality for Nurses who are concerned with their own, as well as the professional development of all Nurses.

Saw prayer answered on how to realize our commitment to help Nurses in the State of Orissa who had gone through the traumas of one cyclone after another.

Our commitment was to encourage Nurses through personally presenting free gifts of Modules as a means of encouraging and fostering personal and professional growth and development.

To this end one Trust member took in 10 quintal of Modules. The gracious hand of our God was upon us again as the YMCA in Cuttack not only acted as a base for distribution but also gave us a great deal of very good advice and help from the time of arrival to set about the task, until the train pulled out of Cuttack on the return trip to Delhi many weeks later.

Another encouragement was the spontaneous offer of help for one week by a very senior retired Nurse with considerable experience in Orissa. A week of rich sharing more than compensated for the rigors of logistics and travel.

Overall, more than 75 hospitals and health centres were visited meeting and sharing with hundreds of Nurses.

The one area not reached by the NWAD Nurse, was covered by a Nurse Administrator and her Medical Superintendent husband who were planning a conference for all Nurses in that area. Thus we can say the Modules have gone to Nurses in every Government, ESI, Railway, MCD, Christian and Private hospital that employ qualified Nurses in Orissa.

The response was tremendous. There are deep needs. Many asked for specific prayer. We covet your prayers for practical help, joy and great blessing as each Nurse reads, shares and uses the modules.

Thus, our first major exercise of this nature was a tremendous learning experience, and acted as a launching pad for the greater challenges awaiting us.

On February 27 our Trust member set off for the State of Gujarat with 10 quintal of Modules, and prepared to give a paper on Nursing the Mustard Seed of Disaster Management.

The newspaper at Ahmedabad next morning brought news of the horrors of the beginning of what has since been described as communal riots and genocide. The last minute change of trains proved providential in ensuring that our commitment to the Nurses in Gujarat was able to proceed.

The world through TV has witnessed a little of what has taken place (and continues in a milder form) in Gujarat since 27 February 2002.

The massive earthquake on 26 January 2001, the cyclones, and Gas leak scare, all pale into insignificance in light of the man-made disasters of plague in Surat, genocide throughout the State, and the multiple current compounding epidemics.

It took from 27 February to 30 September with three short breaks to complete the distribution of Modules. On the 3rd and 4th trips, another 6 ½ quintal making a total of 16½ quintal of Modules were distributed free to Nurses throughout the whole of Gujarat.

The privilege and blessings experienced through meeting and sharing with thousands of Nurses in every Government Medical College Hospital, Civil Hospitals, MCD, ESI, Railway, Military, Christian, and Private Institutions, far exceeded the challenges. We can surely say the gracious hand of the Saviour of the World is upon us and upon our profession.

This website has taken shape significantly as a result of the Gujarat experience that highlighted and confirmed so much need in Nursing.

The Gujarat experience combined with the personal/professional burdens that Nurses from Ladakh, Jamu Kashmir, Punjab, Orissa and UP in particular, but many others along the way, have personally shared over the past decade, provide substantive facts that can be used as a sound springboard for action in Nursing.

Each unique privilege has helped us to both expand and sharpen our focus and in so doing to pinpoint some of the many causes of powerlessness in Nursing as well as to critically examine various means that will lead to the realization of genuine effective Nurse Power.

Will you take a few minutes to go through each page prayerfully and carefully?

Would you be willing to join the many Nurses who have expressed preparedness to download the pages and to share them with colleagues so that as many Nurses as possible:

  • May be encouraged.
  • May respond with suggestions to meet known or felt needs.
  • May be inspired to send articles or material to enhance the quality as we complete this first major part on Disaster Mitigation in Nursing.
  • May contribute their “widow’s mite” to facilitate and share in the ongoing production of materials.

We plan, over the next few months, to address each of the main issues that Nurses are confronted with in Gujarat as these reflect, in one way or another, the plight of Nurses in this Nation and the Nations of the world. Topics will include:

Erosion of Nursing Confidence through active language suppression and much more.
Encouragement through filling the gaps of Professional Knowledge leading to greater professional competence and job satisfaction.
Effectively dealing with Officials and the Red Tape of Government involved in Nursing issues without succumbing to the sins of bribery and corruption
Executing true justice and mercy in Nursing by addressing relevant cultural and religious issues that actively operate to destroy Nurses and Nursing.
Enlisting True Power that is greater than medical power To redress the eroding effects and current practices that are actively destructive to Nursing.
Exchanging heart-ache and sorrow in marriage for a proven, unfailing love that builds a secure home and strong family.
Engaging the only truly protective barrier for your daughter.

Let us not rob God through lack of use, or wrong use, of all the gifts of personality and abilities that He has given us.

Let us bring all our “tithes” = skills, abilities, potential, time and money, to Him for refining and use.

Let us look by faith and with expectation, to our Heavenly Father as He opens the windows of Heaven and pours out such blessing that there will not be room to receive it.

What joy to know that as we individually and collectively ask the Savior of all mankind, He will rebuke the devourer so that he cannot destroy the fruits of our lives and our profession… and we shall not fail to bear fruit, much good fruit…so that all Nations can be blessed through Nurses and true Nursing. Malachi 3: 8-12

Pray with us for the fruits of repentance in Nursing.

Will you join with us in asking our Heavenly Father to teach us, each Nurse, how to “Repent and turn from all our transgressions, so that iniquity will not be our ruin in Nursing” and to “Give us a clean heart and renew a right spirit because the Word of the LORD says,

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