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Nursing With A Difference aims at producing a weekly ½ hour TV program for Nurses by Nurses as soon as funds are available.

This, the first video-film that we have produced, focuses on one aspect of Community Health.

Video Film

Languages : Hindi and English
Length : 40 minutes for each language

Voice Over

Hindi : Shami Narang, Suchtra Gupta, RN Kusum Singh
English :
Inder Misra, Neethi Ravindran, RN Angelina Singh

(Eshu and her Parents speak directly to us in both English and Hindi).


Nurses of India

The Threefold Primary Focus of this Program:

1. Non-pathological depression

2. The meaning and purpose of suffering

3. Exercise physiology

The Opening Montage is a magnificent blend of creation with Nurses singing the theme song. Relevant anatomy and physiology comes alive through varied animated colorful graphics.

Exercise physiology demonstrated clearly and sensitively aims to help those unable to afford Physiotherapy.

Mental Health, dependent on physical health and the spiritual dimension so integral to life, are woven in throughout the entire program.

Social aspects of the physically challenged, addressed from many perspectives are a challenge to the physically able.

The Beacon Calls form a unique way of bringing, in a meaningful and interesting manner, eight special implications for Nurses.

Viewers can purchase the Video Cassette or Video CD for Rs 600/- and Rs 75/- for postage and handling charges = Rs 675/- by mailing the Demand Draft for the same amount in favour of ” Nursing With A Difference” payable at Delhi:

‘Nursing With A Difference Trust’
C-420 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

Cheques will not be accepted.

Please notify your order, Demand Draft and Posting details by filling up the feedback form on this website.

Watch it now in English
Watch it now in Hindi

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