Nugget of Gold – 2017

A Nugget or ingot is a lump, especially one of the larger lumps of ‘Native Gold’ found in the diggings.

A Nugget is associated with size and magnitude, with wealth and quality, which in turn are associated with wholesomeness as God-given, or sinister in nature arising from evil, with standards that may be either a ‘gold standard’ or ‘counterfeit’.

Inherent in the origin of meaning of nugget is the concept of Wisdom and intellectual virtues: wisdom that chooses right or wrong, that sees man as God’s creation or an object to be feared and therefore used, abused and over-ruled.

Wisdom is intensely practical providing technical skills to dig for, find and extricate the nugget from the diggings; but practical wisdom can also take on a sinister aspect resulting in crafty advice that leads from greed and avariciousness, to man’s inhumanity to man.

Wisdom is the art of being successful, of forming the correct plan to gain the desired result. Its seat is in the heart, the centre of moral and intellectual decision.

Leaders within the Health Services of each Nation are in special need of wisdom. On them and on every Nurse, hangs the responsibility for correct decisions relating to the social, political, professional and non-professional input into the health services, for the peoples of the nation and nations of the world, through Government and WHO.

Nurses can, and ought to be, a special group of wise men and women in each nation, standing in a unique relationship to those whose well being hinges on his/her practical advice and input.

Wisdom in its fullest sense belongs to and comes from God alone – the God of creative wisdom who, with completeness of knowledge pervading every realm of life and an infallible discrimination between good and evil, offers us intellectual and practical wisdom to creatively manage the complexities of life and death.

  • May each nurse consciously collect and use these Nuggets of Gold.

Wisdom is a mystery and yet a fact, a positive or negative relationship with God and with man.

It can be likened to the marriage relationship that takes faith and courage to enter into, and while no one else can ever enter into that particular relationship, it is the fruit and fragrance of that relationship that pervades the whole of society by either creatively building or insidiously destroying.

Nurses through both marriage and professional opportunities are in a position to share nuggets of gold for the good of all peoples.

As each Nurse grows in wisdom, actively searches for and receives the wisdom God graciously imparts through many different channels, so the magnitude, wealth and quality of his/her intellectual and practical input into the Health Services through Nursing will be:

Solid nuggets of gold that have the capacity to defuse, transfuse and infuse each situation, from direct client/patient care in the community or hospital, to those striding the corridors and sitting in the armchairs of worldly power, with the transforming power of true wisdom.

If you have found a Nugget of Gold please share it by sending it as part of your feedback or by email.

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