DIGGING DEEPER – Newsletter 2018


Life sure is a process of ups and downs and Nursing With A Difference acknowledges with sincere appreciation the patience and faithfulness of Nurses and Midwives who have born with us as we grappled with many technical and other challenges.

NOW is the time to thank our faithful Sanjay for his patience and persistence in overcoming many trials, personal and professional plus the technical issues involved throughout the refining and launching process of the new look website.

AS YOU READ each page please jot down and send any comments or suggestions for us to make your access and use of time easier.

NB the value of a new look means a leap forward through ready access to fresh ideas, facts and material that inspire as well as form the basis of innovation or maybe applied to bring about substantial change through each reader’s personal life and professional input into the health of our particular situation and nation..

REFLECTING on the many ways in which prayer has been, and continues to be answered: The Hebrew Root of a noun that may be adopted to become a verb e,g,.prayer ‘atar’ offers us fresh encouragement with its adoption for while prayer encircles and protects, the verb ‘eter’ ‘to dig’ allows us the freedom to dig deeper and receive more fully of the riches of our inheritance in Christ. What a great blessing when it seems we have exhausted all ways of being ‘ALERT’ in prayer.

Think about it, how do we Nurses actively dig in prayer till we find God’s answer to our complex situation?

This struck a chord when reading and thinking through Laura’s letter in relation to her studies and thesis for her Master’s degree and the whole situation of Nursing in Germany. Laura’s ‘Digging’ could result in an academically erudite (scholarly) thesis that dies with her OR as she digs prayerfully through the professional, political, cultural, highly emotive and spiritually diverse issues, her thesis, combined with her interactions with Nurses and countless other people the outcome would be unique and valued TOOL for all. A TOOL the Almighty God will use to inspire and hone significant change/s in Nursing and the whole Health Services in Germany.

THE SOURCE of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge from God is assured as it is found in the person of Yeshua Ha Mashiach – The LORD Jesus Christ, who is waiting as Saviour and Redeemer to make these attributes readily accessible to every Nurse & Midwife who wants to thoughtfully ‘dig deeper’ into the current situation in his/her country to let “The Light of the World” which in reality is the Glory of God, shine in with healing, hope and health. This is the fulfilment of HIS promise “I have come that they might have Life and Life abundantly “. John 10:10

NWAD welcomes this young generation of Nurses & Midwives whose vision is to build our professional input on a firm foundation of Wisdom that supports the lasting values found in that little word SHALOM.