Moral Clarity in Nursing and The Health Services – Papers


The focus of this series of papers is to address the issue of CLARITY in the complexities of morality that affects the health of all people, each Nation and its Health Services, hence the overarching title MORAL CLARITY.



What is the basis of morals and morality?
Why does morality apply only to human beings?
Who sets moral standards?
Are morals fluid?
Are morals conditional?
When does morality begin in each person’s life?
From where do we find answers?


People from time immemorial expects answers from

PHILOSOPHY:  but this is a study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence.
A general and abstract theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour.

RELIGION: but religion is a subjective analytical term whose meaning depends on the person using it and the questions they use to illuminate.

There is a family resemblance between Religions,

Religion is a contested term in social thinking

Religious Belief may

Give credence to supernatural beings or superficial societal phenomena;
Make a distinction with ritual acts focused on the sacred and profane;
Provide a moral code believed to be sanctioned by Divine beings.

: a theory of Governmental ideologies whose cultural and political backing is so strong that they are said to attain power, equivalent to those of a State  Religion; often revealing significant similarities in theory and in practice.

RELIOGIOUS MYTHOLOGY  is a collection of myths, especially ones belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition and folklore.

EVOLUTION OF RELIGION:   is said to have commenced with ANAMISM thought to be the oldest religion in the world.

In every Era the MODERN, PROGRESSIVE and CONTEMPORARY of a new generation have added their bit to the above broad spectrum.

Confronted with the maze of countless religions and perspectives within each group, the outcome of  identifying MORAL CLARITY is and can only be piecemeal and fragmented with a significant lack of cohesion.


Nursing With A Difference has chosen to begin by examining what the only written authoritative Word of God, has to say impartially, to all peoples. These ‘Writings’ are referred to over one thousand times in ‘The Book’ as the Scriptures.

The word ‘Bible’ comes from the Latin/Greek term for Books and is the only book that spans from the Creation of the world we know, to the Revelation of the end times and Eternity.

The Bible is unique, referred to as “The Book”,  it is a compilation of 66 different writings, by 36 different writers, written over a period of some 1,360 years in Hebrew and Aramaic., Yet the theme of all these writings is uniform, they discuss the rebellion of a specific angel and that angel’s recruitment of mankind into his rebellion. The steps God has and is taking, to put an end to that rebellion and undo all the harm and misery it has caused.

The Old Testament (the Torah (Law), Nevi’im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings). The New Testament is in fact a continuation of God’s Covenants, that reveal His divine plan of salvation. Archeology and Ancient Scrolls testify to the authentic Hebrew writing of both old and new Testaments. The first translation was recorded in Greek.

WHAT is important is WHAT WAS WRITTEN.

As we read, knowing when it was written gives a us a sense of how God’s presence persisted through the centuries to the present day, giving us “In the fullness of time” a revelation, (like the moon, a complete sphere that is completely illuminated) of salvation and hope through His Son ‘Yeshuah Ha Mashiach’ the LORD Jesus Christ.


We now have a sound base from which to examine the increasingly complex deviations in morals.

Addressing one aspect in each paper, we commence with:

Part I Each paper based on Actual Case Histories, presents different approaches to Dying and Death. This gives each N & M freedom to test his/her own integrity and rectitude in day-to-day Medico-Legal responsibilities. Download
Part II Each paper focuses on Moral issues directly related to the Family, Law and Society. all of which are integral to the life and health of this and subsequent generations, and the nation as a whole.

Because Moral integrity is a constant challenge each day, it is natural that in various ways we all develop certain inhibitions and a self-protective mind-set leading to health or brokenness.



A guiding Principle

You will find it helpful if before starting to read each paper to make as short request to our Creator from whom nothing is hidden.

Suggestion 1

“Almighty God, our heavenly Father, quieten my mind and heart so that as I read and think I will discern what You want me to understand and apply in my own life, my family and my profession. In Your Holy Name I pray. Amen”

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