A GEM for Life


There is a GUIDE that never falters,

And when HE leads I cannot stray.

For step by step HE goes before me

And marks my path. HE knows the way.

“Lead kindly light, amid the encircling gloom,

Lead Thou me on!”

The Radio Beam is the greatest discovery ever made for safety in flying.

It points the way, keeping the plane on its course in any weather, making a path in the sky straight to the airport of destination.

Jesus Christ, is the unseen GUIDE,

who goes before to make the way plain and smooth.



Instrument Landing System (ILS) is defined as a precision runway approach aid based on two radio beams which together provide pilots with both vertical and horizontal guidance during an approach to land.

NASA SCIENCE:   Radio Waves have the longest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. They range from the length of a football field, to larger than our planet. Heinrich Hertz proved the existence of radio waves in the late 1880s.

Did you know the Bible predicted modern telecommunications?

The clue is found NKJV in Job Chapter 38:35:

Can you send out lightnings, that they may go, and say to you, “Here we are!”

Fifteen hundred years before Christ, in the book of Job, God said light could be sent and manifest itself in speech. Along those same lines, did you know that all electromagnetic radiation – from radio waves to X-rays – travels at the speed of light (about 300,000 km per second)?

Did you know that all spoken words are automatically recorded without the aid of any man made instrument? To know this truth helps us guard our thoughts and tongues and to ask the LORD to guide our thinking and speaking with His wisdom.

What joy!

To know that this gem given to a young lady in 1954

can be yours and mine as we read, for


is also THE CREATOR  of the HEAVENS and the EARTH.

HE alone, knows the way.