Joy is Central to Singing With A Difference

JOY is Central to Singing With A Difference

Joy is often referred to as gladness in the heart. What does the Bible say about Joy?

Can there be gladness in the heart when you have given birth to a severely challenged baby who could not sit up unaided and still had to be carried everywhere past age 5. A child who from birth has had an extremely disruptive and noisy sleep pattern.

To watch the painfully slow progress of your only son, with the mental age of a 15 month old infant, taking years to learn to walk with a gait much like a toddler, gradually grow into a tall man who cannot speak to make his needs known. A man who can be constrained from wandering by merely closing a door or placing chairs that act as a physical barrier he cannot cross.

The heart-ache of these loving parents at having to eventually place Peter in care. The years of battling a health system that couldn’t cope ‘so out of sight out of mind’. The up-hill work to bring much needed change in the health services for the handicapped with other parents who cared for their own. This included acting on behalf of the many, from birth to advanced years whose parents had given up unable to cope. To support Nursing staff and Care-givers faced with adjusting to highly disruptive policy changes and much more.

This real life vignette reveals one part only. The eldest daughter, still a toddler when Peter arrived had to learn quickly how to be a big help. The second daughter was born with severe dyslexia that required time and wisdom in a different way. More recently Peter’s father passed away with a rapidly fulminating condition following which Peter’s Mother developed a debilitating condition that took its toll and still requires monitoring.

Peter’s Mother a qualified Nurse, knowing well the power of song based on the truth of God’s promises in Scripture. Songs authored and put to music by men and women who have found the joy of the LORD to be their song in the midst of suffering, sent NWAD 5 songs that have enabled her to wipe the tears and swallow the lumps that threatened to choke her over these many years.

As you ponder the words of this song I Need Thee Every Hour

May the Holy Spirit give you new strength and encouragement in your particular situation.

May He gladden your heart, so that you are lifted, inspired and encouraged in the midst of all your experiences of life.

Comments & Response – 14 March 2019
One Nurse’s RESPONSE to “Joy is Central to Singing With A Difference”

“My mind went back from 2019 to 1985 – As the RNRM live-in-health-provider in a children’s home I also worked Friday and Saturday nights at a large metropolitan hospital.

Having just returned from a second hectic night duty, showered, handbag on arm ready to lock up, and go to visit my elderly sick mother, I remembered…

The woman answered my call very upset, she had been trying to get me all night. The relative had died.

On arriving at her home I was greeted with an urgent request “You have to take the service” Shocked! me a woman, a nurse, take a funeral service? I opened my mouth to say I would get a Pastor, but like a bolt the words hit my mind “they have asked you” my mouth closed without a murmur, the speaker continued “His family have to come all the way from Fiji, the service will be on Tuesday at….”

The two hour drive to mother gave time for deep thought and prayer. Scriptures for special occasions in the back of a Hymn book triggered my resolve to search and share GOD’S WORD by linking Bible verses. This deep conviction to let God’s Words alone speak was wonderfully fulfilled as each scripture lead to the next till it was complete. What an experience I had not needed to add any of my own words.

Tuesday evening came, I was nervous. The Funeral Parlor was filled with people. The Pandit rose, went to the podium and delivered the most erudite speech in perfect English I have ever been privileged to hear. How was I going to follow this man?

We had not met, but he was undoubtedly a Brahmin Sanskrit Scholar, well versed in law.

There were two podiums I went to the second. My opening prayer came directly from Scripture.

The Truth of God’s Word brings strength, comfort and conviction. As I spoke what I had linked from the Bible, the Pundit now in the front pew had tears rolling down his cheeks. I concluded by singing the hymn Peter’s mother found strength and meaning:

Beginning with “I need Thee every hour”, then at the end of the 2nd verse I changed to ‘We need thee every hour”. To my great relief and joy five Indian women sitting in the middle of this crowded venue spontaneously joined in singing from their hearts, what a blessing.

Anne Sherwood Hawks Hymn “I need Thee every hour” expresses the application of God’s Word in the reality of life’s experiences. How many lives have been transformed by the words of this Hymn and the Bible (translated into many languages) being shared with individuals and people from all walks of life and countries as at this funeral. Eternity alone will reveal.

I later learned a video recording of this whole funeral service was shown throughout Fiji.

A Hymn Writer long since passed into Eternity, two nurses years apart in totally different situations but both involved in death and grief are united in, with and by the power of God’s Word, read, spoken and shared through singing, that continues to bring life and light and hope into every situation.

May we never fail to daily claim the courage, wisdom, insight and understanding to share this wonderful message of help, hope and Salvation. The Sovereign God’s unfailing provision.