Prayer Focus – 22 – General Douglas MacArthur’s Prayer for His Son


Having read and considered General Douglas MacArthur’s Prayer for His Son | The Art of Manliness  (See Notice Board Link)

What impact do you think this prayer by fathers could have on our family lives, the health services and other work places that family members are involved in?

While prayer is a very personal two-way activity between an individual and God, it is also a specific and personal three way interaction husband and wife with God; mother or father or both with a child and God; or as a complete family with God.

In relation to patients and their families it is generally a two-way connection between the N or M with God on behalf of the patient and his or her family.

With these thoughts in mind, such a prayer offers a challenge as to:
a. How DO Nurses and Midwives PRAY for our OWN CHILDREN?
b. Our Colleagues and Fellow Workers CHILDREN?
c. Our Patients and THEIR CHILDREN?
d. What about the husband for his wife, and the wife for her husband?

NWAD invites female Nurses & Midwives to offer suggestions for Bible-based prayer by
1.   Mothers for their daughters – the Art of Womanhood?
2.   Parents: i.e., Male and Female Nurses & Midwives for their children –based on God’s design for men and women?
3.   Pregnancy: Husband and Wife prior to conception, when conception has taken place and throughout pregnancy whether or not the sex of the developing baby is known?

PLEASE NOTE: Your input will be an important contribution towards
i.     Building Happy healthy families and nations
ii.    A cost effective reduction in mental illness and suicides
iii.   Peaceful death without the need for Euthanasia.

SO where relevant please add your Bible or other reference.

SHALOM                                 SHALOM                               SHALOM

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