A Gem – What Do you Want? – September 2019

What Do You Want?

The LORD said to Solomon in 1 Kings3:5 –14
“Ask, what shall I give you?”

Have you ever realized that the LORD asks you and I the same question?
I wonder what our answer has been and how God has answered us?

What blessing would flow if with fresh insight every N & M answered this question before commencing each day’s activities.

May this Nugget of Gold help us to have listening ears and a hearing heart that hear, listen, obey and respond with His wisdom in the day to day situations of life in our particular place of abode and work.

“The Creator of the Universe comes to Solomon and says, “Choose what you want.” Anything, absolutely anything! “Is anything too hard for me?

Imagine it – ask for it – it is yours.” When faced with this great decision, Solomon chose lev shomea – a “heart that hears” or “an understanding heart.” Shomea is from the root shema, which means much more than hear. It means to hear, listen, obey, and respond.

According to the Targum it also means to accept.
Shema – a sacred listening – a listening that is active and lived out.

We live in a broken world with broken lives, broken hearts, broken homes, broken relationships. But G-d is wanting to take those broken pieces and rebuild; to heal and restore, to redeem.

In this month of Av – as we focus on Avinu – our Father – and healing, creativity, and hearing – may we perfect the sacred art of story listening – a listening that is a conscious choice. A listening one does with the ear of one’s heart.

May we pull back where needed, make space for what really counts, move from chaos to focus and enter into the healing Words of Avinu, our Father, knowing His Words can create in us a new heart and a new world.



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