Newsletter – September 2019

Greetings and good wishes to all who visit our website.

It is always encouraging to hear how you found us and what you find helpful and what you don’t, in contrast to what you would like.

We have incorporated some suggestions in the latest updates and trust you will find these enriching in your particular situation.

1.       NOTICE BOARD 1 and 2 the links provided offer a variety of perspectives that throw more light on the questions asked regarding the fast developing World Government and the coming Rapture.

These are refreshing because each contributor is addressing from personal experience in the realities of life. Theoretical rhetoric is absent.

When God created the heavens and the earth the first thing we know that He said was “Let there be Light”, and there was Light and God saw the Light that it was good. And God divided the light from the darkness” Genesis 1:3-4

The more Light we can get on the many issues affecting Nurses, Midwives, our profession and health services, the more effective our service and management of stress for every level of N & M.

True Light reveals and heals, excising where and when necessary.

Artificial light comes from spiritual blindness that deceives and deludes.


Help to focus our attention on some of the many aspects of WORLD GOVERNMENT and its implications for Nurses, Midwives and more.

Directs us to THE RAPTURE and what this means, and will mean, when it occurs for Nurses, Midwives and all People.

3.     The GEM adds another perspective by providing a deeper meaning of key words for managing a healthy home and work life. Words, essential but limited in use because of familiarity. ‘Every body knows’!

Let us sing a new song from our hearts. A song that reflects the embedded need in every human heart to worship something. Songs that transform thinking, bringing fresh hope and joy into our hearts to shines forth.

i. ‘Be Free’

ii. www.Bible Songs – Everybody ought to Know [with lyrics] (download) sung by youngsters enjoying life is a must for all ages.

iii. Refer to Singing when Perplexed uploaded in May: “I am Trusting Thee Lord Jesus” and ask ‘Am I?’; ‘Should I?’ ‘Will I?’


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