NOTICE BOARD – July 2019


Nursing With A Difference has always benefited from those who spontaneously share something that has been of real value to him or her in life. Invariably each contribution has come out of months or years of experience that have been bathed in much mental gymnastics with increasing growth of inner PEACE.

The following links introduce Amir Tsarfati, a young man of exception experience, insight and wisdom based on the facts of LIFE. So enjoy a cup of tea or cool drink and be encouraged as you WATCH AND LISTEN

Amir Tsarfati:┬áBible┬áLands Unveiled: Turn the World Upside Down …

13 July –

July 13 –

You will take a trip with a difference to ROME, CORINTH, GREECE, ISRAEL and very much more as

THE BOOK OF LIFE is opened


THE UNKNOWN GOD is identified

IMMANUE becomes a reality

HEAR O ISRAEL introduces you to Amir.

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