Singing with a Purpose


How long since you referred to our Nursing With A Difference Song Book as you were thinking how better to ‘Let this day be your Masterpiece’?

Our vision of Nursing Singing With A Difference to inspire, encourage and edify has not changed.

As we face the complex mental health issues of the day a quick reference back to Page 1 shows that our AIM is more than ever relevant.

In fact our Title today ‘SINGING WITH A PURPOSE’ reinforces all of the above but also adds something new.

Singing is a good way to ‘Sweep out the old negative thinking’ that has crept in with its backlog of unresolved frustrations.

Singing helps us in a very real way make room for the new based on the best of what has gone before.

Singing helps us move forward with genuine expectation to find and receive
‘What God has in store for today and the future’

1.   A new Song to embrace

For His Purpose He has called us,
In His hands He gently holds us.
He will keep us and sustain us
In the Father’s Love.
God is gracious, He will lead us
Through His power at work within us
Spirit, guide us, and unite us
In the Father’s Love
Be free in the Love of God,
Let His Spirit flow within you.
Be free in the Love of God,
Let it fill your soul.
Be free in the love of God,
Celebrate His name with dancing
Be free in the Love of God
He has made us whole

2.   Down-load this song from You Tube sung by youngsters enjoying life, it is
a must, a real tonic for all ages.

Remember “A lttle child shall lead them”.

www.Bible Songs – Everybody ought to Know [with lyrics].

3.    Refer to Singing when Perplexed uploaded in May: “I am Trusting Thee
Lord Jesus” and ask yourself – ‘Am I?’; ‘Should I?’ ‘Will I?’

Then please send us a song you have found inspiring to share and inspire a
Colleague or someone browsing somewhere in the world.

SHALOM brings COURAGE plus much more.

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