Arise from the Hearts

Countless Men and Women
In and from

Every Generation in every Nation

A Heritage of Joy when hearing or reading the Bible:

A continuing heritage given the world by men and women of all ages, as well as young boys and
girls, who have spontaneously responded to God’s WORD, with a song that has welled up in his
or her heart and mind.

Most music and songs have arisen from the first verse in

GENESIS to the last verse in The REVELATION

These songs continue to circle the globe, bringing inspiration, fresh heart and hope, as well as
genuine comfort and encouragement that helps nurses, our families and all we care for, generate
the strength to press on midst the stresses and strains of life.

Numerically these Bible-based songs far exceed all other songs ever written.

What joy to know and have access with modern technology to:

Countless songs for Countless people in and from Countless generations in every nation.

As we marvel and thank God for His wonderful provision for our health and guidance through
music and song, our song today links in very meaningfully with the three recorded specials on
Philemon On our NOTICE BOARD and the Prayer Focus. SO

Let us enjoy the contribution Mark and Helen Johnson and Chris Bowater have made:


CHORUS Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Wonderful Counsellor,
You’re the Prince of Peace.
Repeat Chorus after each verse
VERSE 1 You are LORD of heaven,
You are called Emmanuel;
God is now With us,
Ever present to deliver,
You are God eternal,
You are LORD of all the earth;
Love has come to us,
bringing us new birth.
VERSE 2 A Light to those in darkness,
and a guide to paths of peace;
love and mercy dawns,
grace, forgiveness and salvation.
Light for revelation,
glory to Your people;
Son of the Most High,
God’s love-gift to all.

Remember we are human Nightingales

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